The Nut at Stanley


Tulip Festival and The Nut (seasonal)

Travel to the north western part of our beautiful island. During this tour, you will visit Stanley. This historic village is nestled at the base of The Nut, a sheer-sided bluff which remains of an ancient volcano. Admire the spectacular ocean on one side of the road and dairy farming on the other.

Enjoy a visit to the annual Tulip Festival at Wynyard. The colours are breath taking and a once in a lifetime experience.

Take the opportunity to go to the Emu Valley Rhodendendron Gardens, which has a collection of plants from around the world.


  • Walk among the colourful tulips
  • Enjoy a walk around the windswept outcrop at The Nut
  • Take a chairlift ride to the top of an extinct volcano
  • Marvel at the spectacular views of fishing village Stanley
  • Meander around the rhododendrons
  • Absolute photographers paradise
Tulip Festival
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