Bridestowe (seasonal)

This is jour chance to visit the largest lavender farm in the Southern Hemisphere. The lavender farm was originally set up by a London perfumer who migrated to Tasmania in 1921 with a pack of lavender seeds from the southern French Alps. He chose to realise his dream of producing the worlds finest lavender in Tasmania, because of the similarity in climate.

Bridestowe Lavender Estate is one of Tasmania’s premier tourist destinations, located only 50 minutes from Launceston. The lavender blooms in December and January, but visitors are welcomed any time of the year.

Try some of the delicious lavender inspired range of delicacies in the Woodcroft Cafe, such as lavender flower honey and lavender ice-cream.


  • Inhale the beautiful fresh smell of lavender
  • Enjoy one of the few different lavender-flavoured ice-creams
  • Marvel at the manicured fields in front of Mount Arthur
  • Purchase some unique products such as lavender oil
  • Find out who Bobbie the Bear is
  • A must see for photographers
Lavender Farm
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