2012 - 13 - 14

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Eye See Personalised Tours - Sustainability Policy

Following consideration of the importance of environmental sustainability and a commitment to be a benefit to the Tasmanian community, Eye See Personalised Tours is committed to strive to achieve environmental and social sustainability for tours conducted in Tasmania.


Eye See Personalised Tours endeavours to cause minimal impact to all activities conducted by this business whilst conducting tours in national parks, historical sites and privately owned attractions.


Eye See Personalised Tours will conduct tours using existing tracks, facilities and official guidelines given by governing bodies to minimise detrimental impact on the local environment.


Eye See Personalised Tours is a small company which will implement our environmental action plan in accordance with the requirements of EC3 Global


Eye See Personalised Tours will comply with all relevant legislation and regulations. We strive to achieve international best practice in tour operations in Tasmania.


Judy Livingston, owner/operator, is the EC3 Co-ordinator, who has responsibility for ensuring ongoing environmental performance, identification of environmental risks, recording and monitoring of impacts and implementing environmental and social sustainability measures.


Special consideration will be given to employing and empowering the local people and wherever efficient and environmentally sustainable, products and services will be sourced locally.


I encourage staff to present our commitment to environmental and social sustainability and our status under the EC3 Global programme to our guests, suppliers, contractors, agents and wholesalers.



Judy Livingston

Owner/Operator, Eye See Personalised Tours



NOTE: This policy is a public document to be on display, a copy may be given to anyone. The organisation invites staff, landowners, guests and the community to suggest ways to further achieve best practice environmental and social sustainability. This policy will be reviewed annually.